Tomato Trial

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I apologise for the break in posts but my computer access has been somewhat curtailed due to some repairs to the main computer.  It is all resolved, thanks to the local computer shop, and we are back in business. Today I want to share my latest success in preserving our bumper harvest of cherry tomatoes. […]

Tomatoes – Tall Tales and True


Six months ago I watched on wistfully as my Northern Hemisphere blogging friends struggled to bottle, preserve and freeze their abundance of tomatoes.  It was winter here, and although the ground is not covered with snow, it was far too cool to be thinking about growing tomatoes, let alone harvesting them.  I hoped that my […]

French Shepherd’s Pie

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Some years ago I first heard this mentioned in an online forum.  Carol, who is sadly no longer with us, described a meal served by their French hosts which was essentially an upside-down shepherd’s pie but with much less meat than we traditionally use and with the addition of ratatouille.  I did not really take […]

Cooking From the Cupboard

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My last port focused on using fresh, seasonal produce – mangoes in my case at the moment. Tonight I am sharing what I cooked today.  Using mostly ingredients that I have on hand in the pantry, refrigerator and freezer I had a big cook-up and made the following: Bolognaise sauce Choc fruit and nut balls […]

Something from the Garden


Back to one of my favourite topics – eating what is in season. Last night we had salmon for dinner.  While the salmon is not strictly local, it does come from Australian waters.  It is farmed in the clear water of the Huon River estuary in southern Tasmania.  The salmon could hardly be considered a […]

Long Forgotten Original


Once upon a time there was a recipe for Oven-Baked Sausages.  I think the book has been moved along to the op shop in one of the culls of my recipe books, however, the general idea remains. The original recipe consisted of a sweet/sour/spicy sauce made in a saucepan.  Sausages were grilled, cooled, sliced and […]

Slow Living – January


Today I have decided to dip my toe in and join the monthly diary started by Christine over at Slow Living Essentials.  The idea is to post a round up of the slow living activities for the month based on nine categories.  I have watched with interest and think that this idea will link in […]