My Other Blogs

I now have 3 other blogs.  You probably wonder why but I have decided that some subjects arew better with a dedicated blog than getting lost in the midst of the day-to-day happenings which are the essence of ‘Organised Castle’.

Somewhere, Anywhere is essentially a travel diary to chronicle our travels, beginning with our USA trip.

Eating For Health chronicles my recent attempt to embrace a grain-free, sugar-free diet.  It will include ideas and recipes.

Viabelle Lane is dedicated to my online shop where I am selling items to support a simple and sustainable lifestyle.  Please pop in and see what is on offer.  This has been seriously neglected in recent months but I hope to renew this project later in the year.

One thought on “My Other Blogs

  1. My friend Fairy,

    You may tire of me but I so enjoy your posts. I also have multiple blogs so I connected with this post. I look forward to reading what you have posted on them very soon.

    Jennifer Wilcox
    Walnut Cottage

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