About Me (and other characters)

Hello, I am Fairy and welcome to my blog.  I have had a couple of short-lived attempts at blogging previously but this time I decided that I needed to be true to myself.  I write of things that I am passionate about.  These include being organised, cooking from scratch, sewing and my vegetable garden.  Our home, “The Castle” is a small rural acreage near Maleny, Australia.

I read other blogs which are entirely devoted to cooking or sewing.  Some are only about organisation or decluttering and yet others espouse the minimalist lifestyle.  There are gardening blogs.  Then there are blogs which focus on frugality, saving money and paying off debt.  Finally, you can read blogs about reducing your carbon footprint by considering what you buy and minimising waste.

My blog is all of these and more.  I enjoy writing it and hope you find it interesting and informative to read.  I love to read your comments so please join in.

Characters you will ‘meet’ in the course of reading my blog include my husband (known as GMan).  We share our lives with our Tenterfield Terrier.  We also have chickens which vary in number.

One daughter and granddaughters are about an hour away while our other daughter lives interstate.

You can email me directly if you wish.  muddyfairyatgmaildotcom  Just use symbols instead of the bolded type.  I will endeavour to answer you promptly.

**UPDATED September 2021**

16 thoughts on “About Me (and other characters)

  1. Hi Fairy, I got your link from SS. I live down the hill in Mooloolah Valley. I am a mother of 2 and happily married, run my business from home to best suit my family commitments (no more commuting to Brisbane like I used to prior to kids). I am so interested to read blogs about “time management” as it’s a big thing for me working from home in between taking kids to school, working odd hours early morning/late nights etc. DH and I so want to get our veggie patch up and growing – had water/drainage issues here that we’ve put a lot of resources into the last 6 months, so looks like we’ve got that sorted – now time to work on our gardens. We have 4 chooks that are brilliant layers, so always heaps of eggs. Love to hear if you have any good egg recipes. Anyhow, I’d best get back to work. Love your work!

  2. I’m interested to here you’re on SS, which I think is the ‘same’ SS I get monthly newsletters from (but I haven’t signed up for their vault). Funny the different ways life intersects

  3. I’ve got a new blog and am also working on varying my content. I don’t think I could focus on just one thing like most bloggers do, so I understand what you mean.

    Nice to “meet” you! btw, I live in the U.S. in northern Maine

  4. Hi Fairy, thank you for visiting my blog. I’m looking forward to following yours. How lucky you are living at Maleny. I often take a drive up there from Brisbane when I need a quiet day to myself. I love visiting the cheese and ice cream shop there.

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  6. Hello Fairy, I’m visiting via Jean’s blog. I’m a Queenslander as well and live in suburban Brisbane. Your part of the world is indeed beautiful! My blog is about nothing in particular but I’ve been writing it for a few years now!

    • Hi Maria

      Lovely to hear from you. I have had a quick look at your blog. SE Qld is a small place – I know the lady who runs K4BN. I also went to high school in Brisbane at one of the many high schools opened in the early 1960s and it is also no longer in existence.

      I am looking forward to checking out more of your blog when I get a bit more time.

  7. Hi Fairy
    Fancy you knowing Karen! Although she’s a bit of a celebrity these days with those TV interviews, so she’s becoming quite well known! lol
    Which high school did you go to? Is it one of the ones that closed to make a larger merged school like they did at Glenala (Richlands and Inala Highs) ? Poor old Newmarket just had enrolments drop over a number of years…it didn’t help that rumours flew for years that it was going to close. The same rumours that circulate now about Everton Park High. Hendra High also opened in the 60s and it’s battling to keep enrolments viable. Such is life in these govt cost cutting days!

  8. Hi Fairy, just coming by from Simple Savings…THE best site and always the go to,site. I like your precise way of setting things out…doing this…done:). Where you live is a lovely area.
    Like yourself , my blog writing is about many topics which I feel passionate about that particular day. One thought sparks a myriad ideas, but not enough time to write about them all. Such was my last post . Take care and remember to savour the “Today”.
    Kind regards from Alexa in Sydney

  9. HI, Fairy! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I absolutely love your ethos, and your list of interests, many of which I share. If we didn’t live oceans apart, I think we could be new best friends! 🙂

    • Hi Julia

      Thanks for your lovely comments. The thing I love about the blog is that I have ‘best friends’ in all sorts of places and some I have met in person. 🙂

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