Clean & Clear


Last week we had the carpets cleaned and since we only have carpet in the bedrooms we were able to move almost everything out of the rooms into spaces with hard floors.

This is our bedroom.  The only thing left in it was the bed.

2011-12-13 01This was a really good time to apply the principles that are discussed in the book, ‘The Joy of Less’.  Removing everything from its normal location and only putting back what you really want to keep is the method which Francine recommends.  I had not tried it but can certainly agree, now.  Seeing the room both clear and clean made me determined to keep it that way by only putting back what was important.  I have made some more progress with the decluttering thanks to having to move stuff out for the carpets to be cleaned.

2 thoughts on “Clean & Clear

  1. I can thoroughly recommend the book I mentioned in the post if you are looking for inspiration. I have it on my Kindle so no more books on the shelf. You should be able to borrow it from the library, too. Good luck.

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