Caring & Sharing


Tonight I want to share a story I heard today.  While many of us have too much stuff and are constantly looking for ways to reduce the clutter in our lives there are others who could benefit greatly from things we no longer need.

Freecycle is an amazing concept which allows members of a local group to offer anything they no longer want to others in the group.  Everything is given without bias or selection criteria and today Miki* discovered the wonder of this phenomenon.  She listed several items, including 2 bicycles.  There were several responses for the bicycles and she chose a recipient who lived not far from her to take one of the bikes.  The lady collected it as arranged and later sent an email to reiterate her thanks.  Only then, did Miki find out that this lady had just lost her home due to legal wrangling beyond her control.  A bike may not seem like much recompense for a house but the lady was so thankful for Miki’s generosity of spirit and said that it restored her faith in human nature.

sharing-is-caringThis sort of story will not come to light every time you list something on Freecycle or give away unused items by other means.  You will, however, know in your heart that you have made a difference to someone’s day.  What better Christmas gift could there be?

*not her real name

2 thoughts on “Caring & Sharing

  1. I agree. It is a wonderful way of sharing directly with other people in the community. We have been able to give away lots of things and have been lucky enough to receive some items that we have put to good use.

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