Ticked off the list!


We set out for Maleny this morning with a long ‘To Do’ list.  We achieved a lot.

Dr appointment for The Duke

Physio appointment for me

4 bags of stuff to the op shop (most of it from Belle)

2 posters (belonging to Missy) to the gallery for framing

Psycho Dog’s vaccination certificate collected from the vet

Meat bought from the butcher

Tyre dropped off to be repaired

Parcel collected and pre-paid stachel bought from the post office

We then headed in the other direction to Caloundra to Aldi and did our grocery shopping.  I am looking forward to the new Aldi store opening in Beerwah in the next few months.  This afternoon we went back to Maleny to collect the spare tyre and also went to the credit union to change some account details.

The parcel we collected was our new mobile broadband USB stick which means I will be able to do stuff on the internet during the 70 minute train trip each way to work and back every day.  It will also be useful for when we are away on holidays.

Since I have now found out what the problem with my shoulder/arm is I need to limit my movement of it to allow it to heal.  Sadly, The Duke will be the one hanging out the washing (and some other jobs) in the coming weeks.

Since the byline for this blog is ‘organised, sustainable’ I will focus on some of the sustainable aspects of our life in coming posts.  Also, please feel free to let me know if there are particular things you would like me to focus on.

5 thoughts on “Ticked off the list!

  1. Hi Fairy. How is the shoulder? Will it limit you much while it is healing? Your account of the day out reminds me of mine, I always take a list of all the jobs need doing, to save petrol, and time. Banking, library, post office and shopping generally get done all in one trip.

  2. Hi Pat, Basically have been told not to do anything that causes pain so I need to limit my arm movements so that I don’t take it behind my back or above the level of my shoulder. It is my left (non-dominant) arm so it is mostly things that require 2 hands such as hanging out washing. Washing my hair and doing up my bra are also challenges. Other than that it is more the incidental things like pusing doors, stretching to flick a light switch off as I leave the room and silly things like that. It is just about remembering to treat it carefully and allow the healing to take place.

  3. Hi Fairy. Maleny is such a beautiful place and I envy you living in such a location. I look forward to reading more about your sustainable lifestyle. Serina (aka Taiwanxifu)

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