Organisation – Day 3


Here are the photos of my organised laundry cupboard.  Not all of my house is like this – far from it, but this is how I would like it all.

2011-04-13 01Racks inside one door hold washing liquid, pre-wash spray and soak, mixing container, bar of soap and a portable hanger.

2011-04-13 02Rack to hang brooms and long-handled dustpan and brush.

2011-04-13 03On the other side are hooks and a cord to hang feather duster, brush, extension cord, bag of mini vacuum accessories and hangers for drying knitwear.

2011-04-13 04Also, 2 dispensers of recycled plastic bags – one is freezer bag size, the other has supermarket carry bag ones.  The vacuum cleaner lives on the floor on this side of the cupboard.

2011-04-13 05On the other side there are 2 shelves – top shelf has batteries, light bulbs, cleaning cloths and cleaning vinegar.  Lower shelf is cleaning products, shopping bags and tulle bags for fruit and veg shopping.

2011-04-13 06Finally, the laundry basket.  After all, it is a laundry.  This basket once had a hinged lid which eventually broke and it had a fabric lining which was fixed.  The lining became worn and discoloured so I removed it and made a removable lining from an old sheet.  I periodically take it out and air the lining and it goes in the wash occasionally.

I do have some other storage in the laundry.  There is a high cupboard above this one where The Duke keeps his home brew kit and spare bottles.  On the other side there is a bench with cupboards underneath.  These hold a couple of buckets as well as the cat food.  The cupboard under the sink has rags and the box of shoe-cleaning gear.

How much storage do you have in your laundry and what do you keep there?

7 thoughts on “Organisation – Day 3

  1. My laundry is so small it has the sink with cupboard underneath and room for the washing machine. The washing hamper is next to the door. No more room!

  2. Oooohhh… this looks great! I don’t even have a laundry! But I recently organised the cupboard in my bathroom, which houses all our cleaning products, and I’m pretty happy with it.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. This laundry is quite compact compared some I have had in previous houses but this definitely works the best. It is only about 1500mm x 2700mm (5ft x 9ft) plus the built-in cupboard, but has plenty of storage and works well for me.

    Mimi – don’t feel guilty. I am sure you were doing something far for interesting.

    Jan – I enjoy organising things and would love to help, however, I think you are a bit too far away 🙂

    Scather – thank you so much for the feedback on the blog. It is still a work in progress but I am definitely liking the look of it and I guess that is what matters.

  4. Hi Fairy. My laundry is smallish. Along one wall is the sink with cupboard below, the washing machine, a space for the basket and then my small upright freezer with the dryer above it. On the opposite wall is the door into the toilet and beside that a full length cupboard. Inside this is one high shelf which is the home for the iron, container of soap powder, extra boxes of soap powder, laundry soak, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner, extra mop head and various cleaning stuff. below the shelf is the ironing board, feather duster, mop, vacuum cleaner, hooks for extension cable and container for plastic bags. It is amazing what fits in really. I do love my laundry though as I never really had one before.

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