Feast from the Pantry

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We have a family lunch tomorrow and I am catering for most of it.  I started thinking about the menu and decided that it did not need to be extravagant.  Most of all I have created a meal mostly from ingredients which I had to hand.  I will be feeding 11 adults, 2 pre-schoolers and a baby and here is what we will be eating:

Soup – Leek and Sweet Potato with fresh bread rolls (breadmaker)

Main – Lasagne, Chilli Chicken with Corn Chips, Rice, Garden Salad

Dessert – Caramel Tart, Lemon Tart, Ice-cream, Cream

Drinks – Soda Water with Rosella Cordial, Lemon Cordial

Finish – Tea, Coffee, Shortbread

My sister is making the lasagne.

The only things I need to buy especially is vegetables – sweet potato, leeks (soup), mushrooms (chilli chicken), lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum (salad) and cream.

We have our own lemons and eggs which were used in the tarts and the cordials were made with home-grown fruit.

We make our soda water using a Soda Stream.

I am looking forward to a special family gathering tomorrow.  I will share the recipes (with photos) soon.

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