Living in Paradise

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Well, maybe not paradise but it is certainly a beautiful part of the world.  These photos are all taken within a 1km stroll of our home.

This is the view from the top of our driveway.

2011-06-17 01Looking across the valley

2011-06-17 021km south and we have spectacular views of the Glasshouse Mountains

2011-06-17 03Looking west in the late afternoon from our front boundary

2011-06-17 04Walk about 1km east along our road and this is the view of the coast.

2011-06-17 05A slightly different angle  shows Ewen Maddock Dam as well.

2011-06-17 06Perhaps we should take time out more often to appreciate what is around us.  Have a wonderful weekend.

One thought on “Living in Paradise

  1. Lovely photos Fairy. I commented on your tourists post the other day, that we, too, have much to be grateful for in our part of the world. There is so much more to see.

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