Christmas is Coming


I did not get a chance to post my challenge list yesterday (Monday) but I will do it tonight.

In the meantime here is a thought for you to ponder.  Yesterday was the 25th of the month therefore it is now 5 months till Christmas.  Whilst this is a terrifying thought for some, others have already finished their Christmas shopping!

I fall somewhere in the middle of the 2 extremes.  I have made some notes for my Christmas letter, and I am pleased to report that I bought 2 Christmas gifts.  I received an email about pre-sale of tickets for ‘The Wiggles’ so after speaking with Belle I have bought tickets for Miss O and Izz to see the show.  This is in keeping with my attempts to minimise the amount of ‘stuff’ given and received as gifts.  It is also perfect for Miss O who has a birthday in December.

Over to you.  What preparations do you do for Christmas?  When do you start?


2 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming

  1. What a lovely gift! We too are trying to reduce the amount of “stuff”, and mindless gift buying. We put all the names into a hat and so only buy one gift and cannot spend over 30.00. This is for the adults – the grand kids get a gift each, but I do try to make them educational. For friends I always do lots of baking and give baskets of goodies or homemade crafts etc. gosh – I must get busy getting prepared for those!

  2. I have made two gifts so far and just dug out a pattern for boxers to see how much fabric it needs to make some more. My goal is to make as much as I can (but practical stuff – not BBQ aprons!)
    The gift of concert tickets is a great idea – the little girls will get a lot of joy from it.

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