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No, I have not been catching rodents.  It is my excuse for no post last night.  My mother, The Duke and I went to see a production of Agatha Christie’s, “The Moustrap” by the Centenary Theatre Group in Brisbane.

After running for nearly 60 years in London’s West End there is a small window of opportunity for amateur groups to perform this iconic play.  We thoroughly enjoyed the performance and it has whetted my appetite to see the London production when we finally make a trip to the UK (hopefully in the next few years).

Today it is cold – a renewed blast of winter – but fine and windy so looks like a great day to get the washing dry and clean the house.

Speaking of houses, the Sustainable House Day is running again this year.  Homes with are variety of sustainability features are open to the public tomorrow, Sunday 11th September from 10am – 4pm.  Check the link for locations and information.  Major cities and many regional areas are participating.  We went to some Sunshine Coast ones last year and gleaned lots of ideas for our own home and garden.  One day ours may be featured, who knows?

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