The Recycling Trail

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I read Rhonda’s blog at Down to Earth today about recycling and her suggestion that we link together our innovative recycling ideas.

While recycling is good it is even better to refuse and reduce as your first 2 options.

A lot of the things that we have re-used or recycled her at home are no different to what others do so I have tried to add a couple of more unusual ideas.

Here is my shower cap and a piece of elastic that I salvaged from a dress that I refashioned into a skirt.

The elastic edging on the cap had completely given way so I revamped it using the salvaged elastic.

I made this soap dish from the base of a 2 litre milk bottle.  The diagonal ridge in the base helps to keep the soap dry.

An old school desk has become an occasional table in the guest bedroom.  Decoupaged by Missy when she started high school.

002Cardboard boxes for storing things….a shoebox for stationery items in the office.

Stationery moduleAnother box for newspapers in the kitchen.  I use the newspaper to wrap scraps for the compost.

I will keep the camera handy tomorrow and hopefully capture some more recycling/reusing tips for another post.

One thought on “The Recycling Trail

  1. I posted a link to this post of yours on my blog, adding that I also cover my shoe boxes in saved wrapping paper. I also like getting new ideas so looking forward to more of your posts. Thanks 🙂

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