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My last post really sparked some interest!  Welcome to those of you who have become subscribers.  Thanks to everyone who responded by sending a little bit about themselves.  Although I know there will always be many unidentified readers, it is nice to be able to connect with my regular readers.  I hope you keep coming back and please let me know your thoughts on the content and direction of the blog.

Now that the holiday is over is is time to re-focus on the organising aspect.

In my reading the other day, Carol posed the question, “Where do you store your Christmas tree?”  When Carol was clearing out the main bedroom in readiness for it to be painted, she pulled the box containing the tree from under the bed and found it covered with dust and felt that it could not be healthy to have a collection of dust under the bed.

I do not store anything under beds for this very reason.  In fact, the base of our bed is only about 5cm off the floor so storing anything under it is impossible.  I regularly enlist The Duke’s assistance and we remove the ensemble (mattress and base) from the frame and I use the opportunity to vacuum the floor and damp dust the metal bed frame as well as the skirting boards.  I also wipe down the window sill and about once every 3 months I clean the windows and insect screens, too.

Back to the storage dilemma.  I have a storage bag for Christmas tree that I was lucky enough to find on Freecycle.  You could easily make a similar bag from an old sheet.  My storage bag has a zipper but it would be just as effective to make a drawstring opening at one end.  Before I acquired my storage bag I had always kept the tree in its original box, but like so many things, it is a challenge to fit it back into the factory packaging.

Since there is only the two of us at home we have the luxury of plenty of storage space, so I keep the Christmas tree in its bag on a shelf in the wardrobe in the guest room.  I have recently rationalised and re-arranged the Christmas items that we keep from year to year.  These are now all in a plastic tub which is next to the tree.  My tree decorations are fairly minimal and I have a wreath for each of the external doors plus a small table centrepiece.

I have added the wrapping paper, cards and gift tags that I have accumulated, to the tub and am determined that I will not buy any more until all of those are used up.  That has been my line for about 3 years and still I have plenty.

I have a balloon pump and 4 stands for making “balloon topiary trees” for festive table decorations.  I have had these for over 10 years and have used them for 18th, 21st and 50th birthday celebrations as well as a school reunion.  I will use them again in a couple of weeks for an 80th birthday celebration.  I will probably recover the stands to refresh them for their next use.

We do not really have any other things that are specific to certain seasonal celebrations.  However, there could be Easter items or Halloween costumes.  How do you store and keep track of things that are perhaps only used once each year for a few weeks?

2 thoughts on “Seasonal Storage

  1. Our Christmas tree is now in the top of a wardrobe in our spare bedroom together with our box of Christmas decorations. I still can’t believe how much dust was on it! It had only been there since Christmas but even that is longer than it should have been. Until a couple of years ago, we had a divan bed with no room underneath! Our new slat bed has been a great success but we’ve obviously got to make sure nothing gets left underneath it!

    Our Christmas decorations are stored on the top shelf of the wardrobe in our guest room. We don’t have a lot so they are well contained within a box with our wreath sat on top!.

    We do have dress ups in an ottomon in one of our spare rooms. However, when showing a friend recently, I noticed that lots of things have been added that shouldn’t be in there so I need to go through and have a sort out! Over the years we have gone to many theme dinners and we’ve had fun putting together costumes. I know you can relate to this Fairy! Now where’s that lovely long wig we saw you in recently!!

    We use shelves in one of the built in robes to store our stationery – including Christmas and birthday rolls of wrapping paper etc. These could be culled but we have the room for them and they will last us – and family for ever – so won’t part with any of them at the moment. I don’t want to give items away if I will need to buy the items again in the future. Now we are retired, our account doesn’t get topped up each month like it always was, so we are very careful that we don’t declutter items we will need in the future! It does make you stop and think about what you spend when you have to top your account up from your savings!

    Poppet (Carol)

  2. We store our Christmas tree in the garage in its original box till it is needed. The box is slowly getting worse and I may have to make a bag or something similar to store it in after this year. Our house is only small and with one Son still at home storage space is hard to come by. I am in the process of decluttering all cupboards and have bought some space bags to try and make a little more room in the cupboards and wardrobes.

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