Read and Re-focus


I am currently reading “The Joy of Less” by Francine Jay aka Miss Minimalist.  I enjoy her blog posts but this book is just brilliant.

Francine’s writing style is gentle and inspirational.  Unlike some decluttering and minimalism writing it is neither prescriptive nor extreme.

I am inspired and also reassured.  Inspired to continue on my quest to have only what I actually need and love as well as reassured that I am on the right track even though I am quite some way from what I would describe as a minimalist.

The best thing is that this ‘book’ is on my Kindle e-reader.  It is bought and permanently owned by me for future reference but is taking up no physical space.  How good is that?

3 thoughts on “Read and Re-focus

  1. I agree, The Joy of Less is an absolutely wonderful book. I consider it a reference book that I can go back to over and over again for inspiration, it’s that good! I’ve had the pleasure of emailing Francine for my blog, and she is as thoughtful and kind in person as she is in writing. If I could only own one book on minimalism, it would be hers.

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