Decluttering for Dollars


Last weekend I sorted through the non-fiction books on the bookshelves and put aside about 25 assorted books which were no longer loved or relevant.

I listed the books on Freecycle and had one response from a lady who wanted 2 particular titles.  So, today I took the books into Maleny with the vague idea that I would take them to the op shop or maybe the secondhand bookshop.  I tried the bookshop first and was delighted to receive $30 for about 7 of the books.  The rest then went to the op shop.

This has been a win-win exercise on all fronts.  I have more shelf space and $30.  People have the opportunity to buy a book in excellent condition.  The op shop will make some money and the secondhand shop has some more stock.

What do you do with items that you declutter?

4 thoughts on “Decluttering for Dollars

  1. I have books every where here, I love books, I’m always buying books , I really do need to sort through them again. In 2007 before we travelled around Australia I took some to a small book store, but they only gave me credit to buy more which I did. Then I gave the rest of the credit to a friend as we wouldn’t get to use it in time as we were traveling. I will check out another bookstore in Mandurah. Not sure if they are worth selling on a internet site, postage is always so expensive because most are quite heavy….after reading your post you’ve got me thinking …so thank you …
    Sherrie from Simpleliving 🙂

  2. Needed a little pot with lid to put my Maldon salt in on the table. Found some teeny spoons in my cutlery collection but couldn’t find a pot, so off to the op shop today. On the shelf for $2 is a pot with a lid…….(donated by me 2 weeks ago when I was decluttering). No I didn’t buy it back but I found another one for $2 much nicer anyway and there’s a lttle hole for the spoon. I don’t really mind as our local op shop supports all sorts of local charities.

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