Keeping Things Contained


One aspect of organisation that constantly eludes me is pending paperwork.  We do not have much as most of our bills are direct debits or paid online as soon as we get them.  I am quite efficient at filing things once they are dealt with but where do you keep things such as concert tickets, flight itineraries?

I have seen all sorts of systems that different people have but none really seemed to suit this household.  That is the important thing – make sure your system suits your needs.  Do not expect that just because it works for others that it will work for you.

Yesterday I decided to use a binder with plastic sleeves in it and label each sleeve starting with 1st through to 31st for each day of the month.  There is also a sleeve at the back labelled next month and some spares if I need them.

2012-02-15 01

Here is the folder and so far I have put the tickets for a dinner we are attending on Friday night in the relevant sleeve.  There will be other things as they turn up.  This is not a permanent filing system but a dynamic container for paperwork that we will need to access in the coming days and weeks.

I am hopeful that this will eliminate the various bits of paper lying around on the desk and kitchen bench.

The other thing we have contained is all of the fittings for the bathroom renovation.  They are all tucked away in an alcove ready for the work to start.  The plan is for it to commence next week.  How fortuitous that I am away for 3 nights for work!  It will not be too much of an inconvenience as we have a second toilet near the laundry as well as a fairly basic bathroom downstairs.

2012-02-15 02

I am really looking forward to having it all done.  I will post more photos once the action begins.

4 thoughts on “Keeping Things Contained

  1. DH does most of our bills and stuff and he has his own weird system but my problem is recipes and diet sheets and as I am always changing diets, up to number 3 and this is just this year, I am constantly in a muddle. So there is stuff for low carb and stuff for low fat and stuff for high fibre. If only I could stick to one thing.
    i am a real list maker. My mother used to get fed up with me as I would spend all day making lists and never have time to do the things on the lists.

    • Lists are great – I wouldn’t be without them but you do actually need to do the stuff.
      The diets must make things confusing – maybe a folder for each would help?

  2. I’m a chaotic person with clutter and mess. But I started to use a folder int he same manner about 4 weeks ago and it seems to help me organise myself and not loose so many important pieces that are needed now or tomorrow.

  3. Organising the chaos is definitely a slow process but little things like the folder can make a real difference. I found it became important once my daughters were at school as there are so many things to remember for different activities/events/excursions etc. It can be quite distressing to youngsters if things are forgotten and they feel left out or different because of it. Good luck.

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