Module and Launch


No , it is not the space shuttle!

I do not wear make-up every day but this afternoon I was going out and planned to put some on, so it was a simple matter of retrieving the module containing my make-up from the drawer of the bathroom cabinet.  Here it is.

Make-up module

Yes, this is my entire make-up collection.

In her book on minimalism, ‘The Joy of Less’, Francine Jay talks about setting limits on the amount of stuff you have and one way of doing this is to create modules.  My make-up module was simply a matter of putting my current streamlined supplies into a container, however, it will help me to maintain a small collection now that it is contained.

Since we do not yet have a bathroom mirror I was able to easily pick up the container and take the whole lot into my bedroom to use the mirror there and then return the module to where it belongs in the bathroom.  No fuss, no searching and no time wasted which suits me perfectly.

Now to the second part of the title – Launch.

I went to the Queensland launch of Rhonda Hetzel’s simple living book, ‘Down to Earth’ at the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre this evening.  I had bought my book about 3 weeks ago and it is well on the way to being a much-loved reference book in my home.  You can read my review in a previous post here.  There was a good crowd of interested and enthusastic people and I really hope that this is just the beginning of more people making a real effort to simplify their lives and reap the benefits.

7 thoughts on “Module and Launch

  1. I am laughing out loud reading this. You and I seem to be on the same planet nowadays. Yesterday I culled my make-up collection as part of the bathroom decluttering, and was surprised at how much I had been hoarding. My collection is very similar to your own now.

    • We are definitely on the same wavelength, Pat! It is funny how things strike a chord at the same moment. Make-up is look food or medications -once opened, it has a limited life so makes sense to have just the amount that you are using.

    • Joanna
      Like everything it is a great feeling to just have what I need all together in one place. I have gone into a bit more detail about my make-up and skin care routine in the next post. I wear very little make-up so what I have suits my needs.

  2. Same here. I actually have two containers but only because I have new supplies in the second one waiting for the current ones to run out. I usually buy two lipsticks when they are on a good special and I have used the same colour for a very long time. Each day I just use moisturiser, blush, lippy and powder.

  3. Good idea to have a back up stock. I guess it will last since it has not been opened. I don’t use make-up every day and it is just worth my while having any extra on hand. The important thing for all of us is to identify what is our own level of ‘enough’.

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