3 weeks after the builders started the bathroom renovation, it is complete apart from a couple of minor things.  We need to do the final coat of paint on the window and door frames and once that is done the builder will do the final bead of silicone around those edges and the mirror surround.

Here is the finished product.


It is difficult to get decent photos in a small room so here is another bit.  This time the door is open.

Shower - door open

And finally, here is the mirror.


I am really happy with how it has turned out – exactly as I anticipated.  The dream and the reality matched up!


8 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Great to see the ‘theory’ has worked in ‘practice’! It has come out really well and looks lovely. Congratulations on another successful project.

    • It great to see projects come to a successful completion. I was so sure about how it was going to look that it actually seemed almost too easy. We will be able to use the shower tonight so I am certainly looking forward to trying it out.

  2. Very nice and streamlined. Like the way the mirror is a bit above the taps so you don’t get the mirror splashed all the time. Now, if you don’t want to ever have to clean that amazing new shower don’t use SOAP just use that liquid shower stuff in a pump bottle and buy a squeegy from Kmart and occasionally squeegy down and you won’t get soap scum. Shampoos etc seem to have no effect , I t just seems to be the fat in caked soap.

    • Jeni, I like the uncluttered, streamlined look and the bathroom should be easy to maintain that style. I agree with you about the liquid shower gel – that is all we have used for many years and I am definitely planning on investing in a squeegee. I even have a hook to hang it on between uses.

  3. It looks wonderful. Fit to go into Home Beautiful/Real Living/BHG etc. Where did you get all your fittings and tiles, incl. the vanity? Did the builder project manage the job or did you do it yourself?
    In what order did you do things? I just don’t know how to go about ripping everything out and whether to get someone else to arrange all trades or try and do it all myself

    • We bought all the fittings including basin and toilet from North Coast Plumbing, tiles from Amber Tiles. The vanity unit was made by a local cabinetmaker (also made our kitchen). The builder managed the whole thing which was a godsend for us as we both work full-time.

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