Coming Unstuck


This morning we went into town with a list of things to do.  It was election day so we had to cast our vote and we were also going to the produce store to get some feed for the chickens and the co-op to buy rice and olive oil.

I was about to get out of the car and the strap on my sandal broke.

2012-03-24 01These were given to me and whilst they look pretty, they were neither particularly practical or comfortable.  In short, I would never have bought them for myself.

So, there we were in town with numerous things to do and no shoes.  I did not want to drive 16km round trip to home to collect another pair of shoes.  I decided to pop into the local op shops (we have 2 in town ) and see whether there was anything suitable to buy.  In the second shop I found these, barely worn, my size and much more suited to my needs than the pair which had broken.

2012-03-24 02I did not really need another pair of sandals except for my predicament today.  However, these are perfect and will get lots of wear in the future.  I think I can justify spending $12.95 on these.

Have you bought something when you have been caught short for one reason or another?

4 thoughts on “Coming Unstuck

  1. Hello Fairy. Yes, I was once caught in torrential rain between my car and the shopping centre. Only for one minute, but I was drenched through to my skin. The wet tee shirt look is not really appropriate on a 60 yr old, so I dashed into Millers and bought a $5 tee shirt in their sale. It has had lots of wear around the house since then.

  2. Driving to the shops last weekend and I hand my DS8 in the car with me. I just happened to look down and noticed that his shoe had actually come completely away from the sole right down the whole right side so his foot was actually hanging out…lol. Popped into Target and got him a pair of really flash runners and fortunatley they had 20% off as I hate paying full price for anything.
    I have been saving up to buy myself a new winter coat so tomorrow I am going to have a look in the op shop first “just incase” they have what I am looking for and can save myself quite a few $, so thanks for the thread as a reminder they do have great stuff at the op shop. I got my favourite Diana Ferrari Sandals at the op shop for only $6 about 5 years ago and still going strong.

    • It is great that you got a good deal on the runners – especially when it was not a planned purchase.

      The op shop is always worth a look. You never know what you may find.

      Good luck.

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