Plus 1=33


It is not even Day 1 and I have decided what my 33rd item will be – a short sleeve red and white striped t-shirt.  We are going to our daughter’s place to help settle into her new home.  Moving day was today.

Here is what I will be wearing.

2012-03-31 01The forecast is 28C in the city where she lives so I am thankful that the travel pants are lightweight and can be zipped off to make shorts.

She and I are hoping to do some serious decluttering.  I think it will be easier to make decisions when it is not my own stuff.  It will just be a matter of convincing her of what needs to go.

4 thoughts on “Plus 1=33

  1. I hope your daughter soon settles into her new home. Great that you are able to help her with the unpacking etc today and finding a place for everything. Happy decluttering Fairy! I had to smile when I saw the top you are wearing today – the same as I wore yesterday! Great taste!

    • I think it is important to try to put things in the right place to start with. Otherwise, it is too easy to shove a box in a cupboard to be dealt with later…..and later never comes! She does not have any spare space so that should help to maintain just what is required and encourage regular decluttering of things that are no longer required. This is ongoing with young children as their needs are constantly evolving.

  2. Always easier to declutter someone else’s stuff. But if you put a pile together for her of things you think could go, much easier for her to agree! Less work for her. Good luck.

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