Organising On The Run


Just because I am away from the house does not mean that the organising has to be put on hold.

There are all sorts of small things you can do while you are out and about, particularly while commuting.

Digital files are one of modern life’s organising challenges and they turn up in all sorts of places.  Whether it is lists on your computer, contacts for your mobile phone, songs on your iPod or books on an ereader you need to keep them in some sort of order so that you can locate them when you want them.

I do not have a huge number of books on my Kindle yet but I have decided to develop a ‘filing system’ for them before it becomes too overwhelming.

This is before I started.  I had 4 pages of books that I have downloaded so far.

2012-05-22 01Once I completed the index, it is now much easier to find a particular book, especially as my Kindle library expands.  I may add more categories as time goes on but these are definitely enough to get started.  The categories I have chosen are all condensed onto one page and the books are sorted into the relevant collection/folder.

2012-05-22 02What digital files have you organised?

5 thoughts on “Organising On The Run

  1. I love the idea that there is still organising to be done when out and about – that way I can still get my fix! What a great idea to set up the folders on your Kindle proactively, so when you buy books from now on you just slot them into their respective folder, and they never get out of hand.

    • Thanks, Kim. Being proactive about setting up a system is so much better than the alternative – trying to create order when chaos is already established!!

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