The Sun Rose Today


Despite all of the gloomy predictions about the impact of the carbon tax which begins today, the sun still rose  and life goes on.

The aim of this tax is to move Australia towards a more sustainable future and I support that wholeheartedly.

I have previously written about this topic and  my original post is here and Part 2 here.  I also wrote a follow-up post 3 months later which is here.

This is a You-Tube video I found today which is well worth viewing.  This is a compliation of comments from several prominent Australians.  Check the associated videos of the individuals speaking in more detail about their support of tackling Climate Change.

3 thoughts on “The Sun Rose Today

  1. I’m glad you had some sun – please, feel free to borrow it whenever you like. Us pasty Canadians can’t take this constant 30+C heat. We melt.

    I enjoyed reading your posts on the carbon tax. We should be doing something more aggressive over here, too.

  2. I too agree with your thoughts on the carbon tax but find I have to keep my mouth closed as all around me don’t seem to see past the cost increases. Our increased solar installation was just in time and now that I work closer to home am not using anywhere near the petrol I was before as well.

  3. Totally support the carbon tax, but am dismayed at how many companies seem to be using it for an excuse to double and triple some prices. When did sociaty become so greedy, or am I just naive…

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