Making Progress

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It is amazing the difference that a couple of days and a written list can make.

I feel as though I am making some progress now.

Buy travel pants – hopefully The Duke can do this tomorrow
Book appointment to have our tax done – DONE
Arrange remote access to the business network
Buy enough cat and dog food for when we are away – Dog food is DONE – will buy the cat food tomorrow
Check and stock up on my medication – DONE
Complete first draft of information for the house-sitter and email it to her – DONE
Attend specialist appointment re my injured knee – have x-rays, referral and Workcover info ready for appointment on Monday
Cancel another specialist appointment
Pack for trip to Melbourne next week – 3 days of work then 3 days of holiday
Stocktake of food in the freezer and plan meals to use up as much as possible before we leave
Finish quilt for Izz’s birthday
Write list of birthday/Christmas gift ideas for Miss O and Izz
Measure Miss O and Izz with a view to buying clothes while we are away

Here are a few more things that I have thought of and added to the original list.

Organise to borrow a travel clothesline
Book car hire for trip to Melbourne – DONE
Arrange accommodation for trip to Melbourne – partly done
Collate all of our paperwork for tax appointment
Change the linen on the spare beds – DONE
Organise to borrow an electrical adaptor – DONE

Being able to cross things off the list adds to the sense of achievement and produces a sort of calm.  I know I can do it.  I will be completely organised and ready to leave in a little over 5 weeks.

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