Today is my father’s 84th birthday, however, we are unable to celebrate it with him as he died nearly 12 years ago.  While his death was sudden and unexpected, we are thankful that he did not suffer.


I miss my Dad but have many wonderful memories of him and cherish those today and every day.


Where do memories come from?  How do you create them?  What memories will your children and grandchildren have of you?

Picking strawberries

The shared experiences and activities of today are the memories of tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I am sorry for your loss, your father was too young when he passed away, but I’m glad you can hold on to the fact he didn’t suffer. My grandparents raised me, and each day on their birthday I do something little, like have a pot of tea in the pot that used to be my grandmother’s to celebrate their lives still. I hope you find a personal celebration to include in your life.

  2. Hi Fairy (((hugs))) My Dad was also 72 when he passed away 18 years ago this July, far too young. Listening to my Dad’s favourite music keeps so many memories close in heart for me. This post is a very special acknowledgement of the love you had for your father. Thinking of you and your family♥

  3. My Dad died a long time ago, but I still carry him with me in my heart. He only wore bow ties and I save a couple, but could never think of a use for them. Last year I tied them in bows and put them on the Christmas tree — a new tradition. Every time I see them, I think of him and mention him to the Grandchildren he didn’t get to see grow up.

  4. My good friend died 3 weeks ago today and it has hit me hard. It was a brain trumour and she had been battling with it for four years, so it wasn’t unexpected, but it still felt I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

    The day of her funeral, it snowed heavy as we walked out after the funeral had finished…she would have loved it as it was so pretty, we couldn’t have planned it better. I have now decided to plant hundreds of snow drops in a new woodland area I have been creating at my allotment, under a very a large plum tree. Each and every February, when the snowdrops appear, it will remind me of the snow at her funeral and the wonderful friend I have lost and all happy memories we had together. It is my way of keeping her memory alive.

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