Through Different Eyes


I have 3 days leave and our 5 year old grand-daughter is staying with us for a few days.  She is supposedly recuperating from a tonsillectomy 6 days ago but she is actually just about bouncing out of her skin.

After picking her up this morning, I had a couple of things to do and we were home by lunchtime.

Cooking is one of her favourite activities so we made some buckwheat pancakes to have with our pumpkin soup.  It was a cold, rainy day so perfect weather for soup.

It is always amazing to see how much children learn when simple tasks are explained to them.  I enjoy having the time to teach her all manner of things.

2013-05-22 01Today I showed her how to sort the light and dark washing.

2013-05-22 02We washed and dried the dishes.  It was a long process but there was much discussion along the way.  She now knows the names and uses of the various utensils – ranging from a potato peeler to tongs and a soup ladle.

2013-05-22 03She also realised that lighting a fire and stoking it with wood that has been seasoned, cut and stored will make a room warm and cosy.

wood heaterShe is very excited because I have offered to take her to the local library tomorrow to choose some books.  We will also be doing some more cooking.

8 thoughts on “Through Different Eyes

  1. These will be such lovely memories for both of you. My DGD loves to do all those domestic things when she stays with us too. It is such a good idea to instill in them the basics of running a home while they are young and receptive.
    Enjoy your time together.

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