Project 333 – What Was I Thinking?


It is now about 18 months since I first read about Project 333 and a little over 14 months since I first dipped my toes in the water and participated in the April/May/June challenge in 2012.

After constantly and critically reviewing the contents of my wardrobe and having experienced the full seasonal cycle, I thought that there really was nothing extraneous in my closet.

How wrong I was!


I wore this top to work last week.  It was teamed with black trousers and I wore my dusty pink suede jacket when I was outdoors on my way to and from work.  I felt unsure about it when I left home but it was what I had planned the night before and there was no time for mucking around and trying on other combinations.  As the day wore on I was more and more convinced that this was not right and by the time I got home I knew it had to go.

The top has a ‘grandpa collar’, is loose-fitting and is black and cream.  I know I look better in white than cream.  Fitted shirts with a collar and v-neck suit me best so I am not even sure why I bought this but now I am sure it is going to a new home.

4 thoughts on “Project 333 – What Was I Thinking?

  1. I had plenty of clothes that weren’t me too. I finally got frustrated with them, which were all given to me after we lost a home to fire, that I took $40 to a consignment store and bought a new wardrobe. The clothes that were still in decent condition I donated to the thrift shop, someone must have liked them as they were gone rather quickly.

  2. It is much better to have clothes that are ‘you’. I am sure someone else benefited from your donation and I know the same will go for my blouse when it goes to the thrift shop.

  3. You did what I call a “last chance” wear! Just to be sure something is ready to go I wear it out. Even if I get compliments, it has to feel right to me! Good on you for finding even more things to help streamline your wardrobe

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