Short Notice


We used AirBnB for accommodation in both the USA last year and here in Australia earlier this year.  Our experiences were very positive so I decided that we could perhaps try hosting guests via this site.

Our guest room is generally available on most weekends (Fridays and Saturdays plus Sundays if required).  This week I decided to extend the availability to Thursday evening as well and sure enough, we had an enquiry yesterday afternoon.   It looks as though we will be hosting our first international guests tonight.

It seems a little odd because we planned our overseas trip (including the accommodation) several months in advance.  We did not want to leave anything to chance since we on a fairly tight schedule.  Obviously, not everyone plans in advance.  I must say that I actually look forward to being able to travel more freely and make decisions on the spur of the minute.  However, I do not expect that our travel will be like that while we are still working full-time and have a limited time due to our leave entitlements.

Do you plan your travel and accommodation in advance or are you a free-wheeling spirit?  What about hosting guests in your home in other habitable space that your own?

5 thoughts on “Short Notice

  1. Dear Fairy
    I have been known to make bookings at short notice. When the urge is upon me.
    International bookings take a bit more forethought though!
    You live in a beautiful part of the world. I am sure lots of folk will be beating a path to your door when the secret it out.

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