Project 333 – Making it Work 2


Now for the next instalment, using the striped shirt as the base for 3 outfits.

Here is the one from yesterday which I will call Outfit 1.

Green jeans2
Outfit 2 – black trousers, teal/black/white striped collared shirt with 3/4 sleeve and zip front, turquoise cardigan and black mary janes.

Striped shirt 2
Outfit 3 – white 3/4 pants, black camisole, teal/black/white striped collared shirt with 3/4 sleeve and black leather slides.

Striped shirt 3

Because we live in a temperate climate I have the luxury of being able to wear some of the more versatile items in all seasons.  This shirt is a perfect example.

Tomorrow I will show you 2 more ways I wear the black camisole.  There are many options for this piece but I will use the opportunity to introduce a couple of the more challenging items.

6 thoughts on “Project 333 – Making it Work 2

  1. I love the way you’ve been doing this. It’s given me some great ideas. Going through my wardrobe is now a priority for the new year. Too busy until then, but I need to reassure myself that I can manage (mostly) with the clothes I have already.

    It will also help to see if there are any basic, versatile pieces that I should get in the new year sales.

    • Going through the wardrobe and creating outfits helps to see things with fresh eyes rather than just grabbing the usual suspects.

      Good luck with choosong some new basics.

  2. I really like your way of thinking regarding the garments in your wardrobe. I have been following your posts with interest and have implemented many of your ideas.
    I have rehomed items that I really did not like or did not fit or simply did not fit my life style. Garments which I liked but had not worn for ages were brought to the front of my wardrobe and I made myself wear them for a day and on the basis of how I felt about them at the end of the day determined whether they went or stayed. Some things just needed a minor alteration to make their way back into circulation again.
    I now have far fewer items to chose from each day, my wardrobe is neat and tidy and when I buy a new garment I make sure it will work with other clothes I have already. I am saving a fortune now I don’t buy on impulse. Thanks for all your good ideas and encouragement .

    • I am so glad that sharing my wardrobe adventures has helped. Having less items to choose from and only ones that you wear and love is the key to a streamlined wardrobe and you certainly seem to be on the right track. Congratulations!

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