Project 333 – A Gent’s Perspective


When I first met The Duke, he owned 6 shirts – one for each day of the week plus one for going out.  His weekend tasks included washing and ironing the shirts ready for the coming week.  Since then the shirt collection has grown substantially and I wash and iron the shirts.  In fact, I managed to score the task of ironing from quite early in our relationship.

Last weekend the ironing did not get done so by the end of the second week his business shirt collection was pretty well exhausted.  Seeing the shirts that The Duke chose not to wear, even when there was almost no choice, helped to confirm that they were shirts that he was not happy with.  In the end these 3 have been earmarked for the op shop.

These 2 that were in the wash are also going because, to quote The Duke, “they have seen better days”.

We are now back to just 5 business shirts plus perhaps 2 others that could do double-duty as casual /business attire.  I think 2 or 3 more business shirts might be in order, if for no other reason than to take the pressure off me having to get the ironing done every weekend.

That is one aspect of retirement that is quite appealing – not ironing business shirts.

A minimalist wardrobe certainly helps to see exactly what you wear and what stays on the hanger from season to season without being worn.

4 thoughts on “Project 333 – A Gent’s Perspective

  1. I used the same method of elimination of my BF’s boxer shorts – if he would rather walk to the clothes line/airer than wear those in his draw, then they are to go.

    Alas he has ‘classes’ of work shirts – ones that OK for work, but not meetings. But there’s certainly a few past their prime. I think he’s hesitant to toss them (donate them) until he’s sure he has enough in circulation.

    Thankfully, I don’t iron them! He hangs them on hangers out of the wash. I do, sadly, iron my work uniform, and dresses. I don’t mind it so much when I have some TV queued up to watch.

  2. Very good example of sorting, prioritizing and then culling?
    My man is pretty good in culling his clothes and won’t leave in the cupboard what he’s not wearing. ….me on the other hand have to make myself consciously go through my clothes…must do more and try to do it often so it’s not such a chore. Once it’s done though I wonder why I put it off. My oldest daughter by contrast has to keep it streamlined because there’s not much cupboard space for a family of six.
    From Alexa

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