Throwback Thursday


Pardon the quality of the photo but I just had to share this – now that I have finally stopped laughing.

IMGI have no recollection of this being taken and don’t think I had ever seen it until a couple of weeks ago when it was unearthed amongst my late mother-in-law’s belongings.  I believe my late father-in-law probably took the photo – apparently his trademark was heads or legs cut off or as in this photo – subjects in the corner of the frame.

The photo really has no redeeming features apart from being a pictorial record of being in a particular location.  I cannot recall the dress and do not know what is under my right arm although I do recognise the calico shoulder bag on my right shoulder.

Can you guess the location and year (approximate)?

11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. I love random old photos like this. Beyond marking your presence in a particular location, at a date you obviously do know (was it written on the back?), seen as part of a series of life snapshots, it shows a little bit about who you were and how you fit into the greater scheme of things. I was guessing mid-1970s based on your clothes and hair, because that’s how things were in the US then. Happy memories? 🙂

  2. As I have mentioned in the earlier replies, the photo was taken at The Big Pineapple near Nambour on the Sunshine Coast.

    I cannot put a precise date to it as there is no information on the back of the photo. However, since in was located in amongst my mother-in-law’s possessions and we are almost certain that my father-in-law took the photo it does narrow the time frame.
    I have worked out that it was definitely taken in the couple of weeks immediately prior to our wedding judging from the length of GMan’s hair – he had it cut for the wedding. Therefore, the date would be early in 1979.

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