Use It Up

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I have always taken a fairly minimal approach when it comes to make-up.  In this post from 2014 I showed my collection of make-up.  This has been streamlined a bit further.

2016-01-11 01

I gave an almost brand new lipstick to my daughter the other day.  It was a colour I used to wear but find a bit pale these days.

I currently do not have any mascara as I used to buy it from Aldi but they no longer stock mascara.

My blush (also from Aldi) and lipstick are almost finished.  The eyebrow pencil is but a stub but will last for quite a while yet.

2016-01-11 02

I need to make the effort a buy new blush, lipstick and mascara but I will be making sure that the existing ones are completely finished before I start begin using any new make-up. I see no reason to waste these by throwing them out.

One thought on “Use It Up

  1. nice work – I’ve learnt from mistakes, as in I replenished some foundation (duty free) about 3 years ago, and I’m STILL going on the ‘original’. I refuse to throw either out, as both are usable – no poor reactions etc, or weird smells. That’ll teach me! Otherwise, I only have one blush, but two eye pencils, and far too many eye shadows (partly due to a compact given as a gift by grandma many moons ago). I work on wearing it, as they aren’t in donate-able condition.

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