Beyond Trump


I stumbled upon this video and want to share it with you.  Thanksgiving is an American tradition but most of us are aware of some of the traditions that go along with it.  There is much more to it than turkey – it is about giving thanks, being grateful for what we have.  Perhaps we could all do with a little more gratitude in our lives and we would be less seduced by the rhetoric being peddled in the examples shown in the video.


After watching this several times and many of the associated negative comments, the thing that struck me is that the 3 politicians featured are from first world countries where the population was predominately Caucasian.

People who don’t believe the statistics quoted are only looking at the world from their own perspective and not accepting or embracing the fact that there may actually be a bit more equality in the world in terms of life expectancy, democracies and education.  We have a long way to go but this gives me heart.

What are you grateful for?  Can gratitude engender resilience?

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