Project 333 – Changing Colours

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Over the past couple of years I have streamlined my wardrobe quite a bit.  The neutrals I use are black and white with predominantly red accents.  There has been a touch of blue and fuschia pink.

When I was planning what I would take on our overseas trip, I decided that the 3 fitted tshirts that I am taking would go in the charity bin before we come home.  These tops are at least 3 years old and are definitely past their best.

It was an oppotunity to start planning my wardrobe for spring and summer as it will be well into September by the time we arrive home.  I am thinking of a change of accent colours to purple and jade green.  Coincidentally, a work colleague and The Duke both commented on how good the purple tshirt looked when I wore it last week with white trousers and a black/white patterned jacket.  I already have a couple of pieces to get me started.

Purple and jade

I bought a lightweight travel shirt last week which is also purple (although the colour is not true in the photo).

Purple shirt
Now that I have made a decision about what colours I want for my wardrobe it will be easier to go looking just for those rather than aimlessly hoping to find something I might like.