Tourists in Our Own Town

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This morning we went to Baroon Pocket Dam.  The southern, or Maleny side where we went is only about 5 minutes drive from the centre of Maleny.  We took a short walk on a circuit overlooking the lake.  It is easy to overlook some of the spectacular natural scenery on our doorstep so I took these photos to remind us of how lucky we are.  We travel halfway around the world to see views like these and here it all is in our own backyard.  We took the camera, stainless steel water bottles, home-made muffins and apples in a backpack for our excursion.  So for next to no cost or environmental impact we had a lovely morning walk.

Here is one of the lake…..

2011-06-13 01And another….

2011-06-13 02Nesting box

2011-06-13 03Bunya pine – a local species

2011-06-13 04We have decided to discover a new place in our local area each weekend.  There are some hidden treasures nearby.

What natural attractions do you have on your doorstep?