It has been really interesting to read all of your comments on my post about food being wasted.  Thanks for your input.  I know I have said it before but it is the comments and subsequent ‘conversations’ that really add value to the blog.

Tonight I want to share an old post from 2012 on a similar theme.  The thing that really strikes me about the processed food is the brightly coloured packaging – lots of red and yellow are the dominant theme.  Are we really that easily seduced by pretty packets?

Over the past couple of days I have been working hard to re-instate more photos into the old blog posts so I encourage you to do a bit of blog-surfing and see what you find.  You can always comment on old posts and I will respond.  If you choose one that still has no photos please leave a comment and I will make it a priority.

2006-01-06 004I thought I would share this photo of hang-gliders over our backyard.  We live quite close to a popular launch site and in the right conditions they often drift over our property.  I prefer to keep my feet on the ground but it is marvellous to lie on the back lawn and gaze up at them floating overhead.