SMS – Saving My Slippers

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I have a pair of slippers that I bought from the Australian Geographic shop about 12 years ago.  They are polar fleece with ribbing around the ankle and a heavy-duty synthetic fabric sole.  They are only really suitable for indoor wear.

I wash my slippers from time to time and when I was hanging them on the line yesterday I noticed that there was a split in the sole.  The polar fleece lining was still intact but I decided that I would try to mend them to prolong the life of my slippers.

Here is the slipper showing split in the sole.

It took a bit of fiddling but I managed to use my sewing machine with a zigzag stitch to repair and reinforce the sole.  I am hopeful that these will now last a few more years yet.

You can see the zigzag stitching below.

While I was turning the slipper inside-out I decided that perhaps I will be able to make something similar.  Polar fleece fabric and ribbing are readily available.  It will just be a matter of looking for something suitable to use for the soles.

And this shows the stitching from the inside.

I will add making slippers to my list of possible projects for ‘one day in the future’.  Meanwhile, the existing slippers should be OK for another few years.