Harrowing Times

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To say that I have been busy for the past couple of weeks would be an understatement.  I feel like a farce as my life has felt anything but organised lately.  However, I know that at some point I will get up and dust myself off and find my direction again.

Unfortunately, there are others who are not so lucky.  The last week has seen the media awash with awful events from the school shooting in Pakistan to an armed siege in Sydney and finally the tragic deaths of numerous siblings in Cairns today.  It is impossible to try to make sense of these events and it is easy to be consumed by the media coverage which I do not believe is beneficial to anyone.  My heart goes out to the friends, families and all affected by the terrible tragedies.  May the souls of those who have lost their lives rest in peace.


Spare a Thought

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I had written a post which I planned for tonight but I have set it aside for the moment.  Instead, I ask you to spare a thought for a family torn apart in the most tragic of circumstances.

Here is the news report.  A girl has suffered a terrible, violent death.  A troubled mother has taken her life.  A father is traumatised and a young boy has witnessed things that no-one should ever have to face.

My thoughts are with the family and all who know them.

The news reports all seem to be focusing on the wealth and assets of the family.  Whatever the circumstances surrounding the deaths, one thing is certain, money does not guarantee happiness.

Sidonie – Rest in Peace.