Home Sweet Home

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After what seems like weeks of rushing around helping others we have finally had a weekend at home.  The Duke and I really appreciate the time to be able to work in and around our haven.  It is so refreshing after the weekday madness of commuting and working in the city.

Today I have washed, ironed, sewed and this evening done some cooking.  I made pizza dough in the breadmaker – which makes enough for 2 pizza bases , so half is now in the freezer ready for when I next need it.  I sliced and roasted some pumpkin which went on the pizza, along with tomato paste, mixed herbs, capsicum, onion, mushrooms and cheese.  There was enough pizza left to pack for our lunches tomorrow.  I made pear and sultana muffins – 4 over-ripe pears in the fruit bowl as well as a muesli slice so that is our snacks catered for the next week or so.  The slow-cooker is now simmering away with a vegetable casserole in it which will be dinner for tomorrow night – served with some rice which is already cooked.  I have not done a menu plan for this week yet but am confident that I have enough to create meals for the week.  I will post the recipes mentioned on the recipe page another day.

The Duke has mulched some of the piles of tree branches that have come down during the summer storms as well as one he lopped last weekend.  We now have some decent-sized piles of mulch ready to spread around the native gardens on the verge.  The mulcher is worth every cent we paid for it and saves loading tree prunings up to take to the green waste disposal at the dump.  Front lawn is mowed so it is all looking pretty good.

One thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I am enoying reading your daily “doings”, Fairy, especially as the homely ones are so similar to mine; eg the double batch pizza maing, slow cooking casseroles and garden bed mulching. Alas, the sewing is not really my thing, although I would love to be able to knit, as my hand-knitted dishcloths are almost ready for replacing.

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