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If I am going to inspire Poppet to be organised I had better set an example.

Every night during the week we do not get home until after 7pm.  Tonight I had dinner prepared – just heat and heat.  I also managed to get a load of washing off the line, fold it up and put it all away.  The dishes are washed – air drying in the drainer, benches wiped down, some papers relocated from the desk to the recycling bin, lunches made for tomorrow, 2 serves of vegie casserole and rice in the freezer for lunches later in the week.

2011-03-14 01Yesterday I found a dress which Belle had put in a bag for the op-shop but I retrieved it and have started unpicking it.  The fabric is cotton and gorgeous colours so I am planning to make something, possibly for Izz as she is growing quickly and Miss O’s cast-offs barely fit her now.  I will take it on the train with me as it is over an hour trip to work and I can use the time productively or sometimes I have a sleep, particularly towards the end of the week.

I have also planned what I will wear to work tomorrow and now it is off to bed.

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