Patchwork Progress

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I have finished the patchwork for the doona cover for Miss O.

2011-03-13 01Now I need to make the actual cover using the plain pink sheeting I bought at Spotlight.  When I have made doona covers previously I have used velcro tabs to close the open end but I have not been entirely happy with the long-term performance so this time I am going to do buttons and buttonholes.  I bought 2 different lots of 4 buttons from the local Lifeline shop for 40c (for a total of 8 buttons).   I will need to finish and reinforce the bottom edge before attaching the buttons and making the buttonholes.

The next project will be the curtains – no, they are not going to be patchwork!  They will be made from the plain, dark pink fabric in the cover with a strip of ‘Dora’ fabric near the bottom edge.

I will post more photos once it is all done and in the bedroom ready for use.

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