Weekly Challenge – Week 10


I am now up to Week 10 of my challenge.  It is a way of keeping myself accountable and getting some extra things done over and above going to work and managing to do the routine housework.  You can check out more details here.

Each week I add 4 new things to ‘the list’ and try to cross at least something off each week.  I must say thank you to The Duke for his part in getting No 33 crossed off the list.  I did some of the painting, though.

There are not usually any photos with the challenge but I have decided to add some tonight for a bit of interest.  Scroll to the end of the list for more details and photos.

1. Clean car inside and out -DONE

2. Finish making sandwich wraps for Miss O and Izz – DONE

3. Create a spreadsheet for future holiday packing needs

4. Make trackpants for Miss O and Izz – DONE

5. Send emails to book accommodation for New Zealand trip – DONE

6. Buy and plant seedlings for winter vegetables – DONE

7. Email friend to arrange to meet for lunch – DONE

8. Finish knitting dishcloth and sew ends in on first two – DONE

9. Make dressing gown for Miss O – DONE

10. Upload music to my iPod

11. Declutter and clean bathroom cupboard – DONE

12. Plan birthday celebration for Missy – DONE

13. Make an appointment to have our tax done – DONE

14. List 2 items on Freecycle – DONE

15. Clean kitchen windows – DONE

16. Book train trip  for New Zealand holiday – DONE

17. Follow up what I need to do to change my superannuation

18. Assemble the required paperwork for our tax appointment

19. Finish pinafore for Izz – DONE

20. Discuss 80th birthday celebration plans with my mother – DONE

21. Clean patio using high-pressure cleaner – DONE

22. Clean back wall of the house using high-pressure cleaner – DONE

23. Organise quote to have poinciana tree lopped and mulched

24. Plant seeds in seed-raising mix – DONE

25. Clean windows on southern side of house

26. Clean paths using high-pressure cleaner – DONE

27. Trace sewing patterns for my mother – DONE

28. Read 5 outstanding magazines & file or re-home – DONE

29. Clean out bottom drawer in the kitchen – DONE

30.Dust furniture in the front entry

31. Read  and re-home 5 more magazines – DONE

32. Thin out and re-pot bok choy seedlings

33. Sand and paint window frames in laundry and bathroom – DONE

34. Clean fronts of kitchen cupboards

35. Make a vinyl cover for the newly-created day bed

36. Buy birthday gift for Izz

37. Sew 5 souvenir badges on a blanket

38.Look at accommodation options for weekend in Melbourne

39.Arrange to close a bank account that is no longer required

40. Read and re-home 5 more magazines/articles/booklets

For those of you who have been following the challenge carefully, you will have noticed that reading and re-homing magazines has been a recurring theme for a few weeks now.

Here is the reason.

2011-07-18 01All of these various items of reading matter came from my mother’s place when she down-sized to her unit late last year. I took all of these magazines and books because I wanted to read/look at them before probably passing most of them on.  I am trying hard to find the time and am gradually reducing the piles.

The cabinet came from my parents’ home, also.  It is currently living in our lounge room until one day I organise to have it re-made into a coffee table.  The timber is solid silky oak and it has already been re-fashioned once, over 50 years ago.

37.  is a bit of a blast from the past.  When our daughters were younger we bought them each a grey ‘camp blanket’ and they collected/were given cloth badges of all shapes and styles.  I sewed them all on by hand but as years went by I became a bit slack and the badges piled up but were not sewn on the blankets.  When sorting out the sewing room I found numerous badges.  After discussion with the Belle and Missy it was agreed that the blankets could be passed on to Miss O and Izz.  I am going to add all of the ‘orphan’ badges before the girls are old enough to use the blankets.  Meanwhile, the blankets will live here as Belle has limited storage.

To give you an idea this is one of the blankets with some of the badges already sewn on.

2011-07-18 02

3 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge – Week 10

  1. You work outside the home & get time to do this stuff? AMAZING!

    Love the blanket with the travel badges, great momento & yes, a blast from the past!

    We also have a grey army blanket in the cupboard…I have an idea now

  2. You work outside the home & get time to do this stuff? AMAZING!

    Love the blanket with the travel badges, great momento & yes, a blast from the past!

    We also have a grey army blanket in the cupboard…

    • Hi Jane
      It is a challenge to fit everything I want to do into the day as I (and The Duke) are away from home for 13.5 hours/day. Included in that is about 3 hours of commuting on the train so I use the time to read, surf the net, blog etc. That is why my challenge list is good – it reminds of the things i want to do, otherwise they get lost. Also, most things do not take long to do – it is just about setting my mind to it.

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