Wicked Worcestershire Sauce


I make many meals from scratch but had never really thought about taking it one step further by making my own ingredients.

At least, not until I stumbled across this recipe for Worcestershire sauce on Simple Savings.  It is really simple to make and once you have made it you will never go back to buying the sauce ever again.  It has the added bonus of being vegetarian and suitable for those with seafood allergies.  Did you know that bought Worcestershire sauce is based on anchovies?

Worcestershire Sauce (from Paula N)

2ltrs vinegar
1oz (30g) each of:

  • Garlic (chopped)
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Whole cloves
  • Salt

Treacle (850g jar)

Mix all ingredients together in a plastic bucket and stir to dissolve salt,
Add 2 lemons – chopped (skin and all)

Stir daily for 6 days

Strain and bottle

This is best left 2 weeks to mature and will last at least 1 year in the pantry.  The longer it is stored the hotter it becomes.

I am down to my last bottle of the previous batch so it is time to assemble the ingredients and make some more.  Come along for the ride and see just how easy it is.

This is all you need – a new plastic bucket, scales, measuring jug, sharp knife, chopping board and long handled spoon.  I also have a piece of muslin and a loop of elastic to cover the bucket.

2011-07-19 01

The ingredients assembled.

2011-07-19 02

Pour in the vinegar – I keep 500ml aside to rinse out the treacle jar.

2011-07-19 04

Add the treacle.  Rinse the last of the treacle out using the reserved vinegar.

Weigh and add the spices and garlic.

Dice the lemons and add to the mix.

2011-07-19 10

Stir the mix thoroughly.

Cover and allow to stand for 6-7 days, stirring each day.

I will bottle this next weekend.


I use my homemade chilli powder from birdseye chillies that I dehydrate and process in the spice grinder.

Since the entire lemon is used I would recommend home-grown ones if possible to avoid chemicals and pesticides, otherwise organic would be best.

4 thoughts on “Wicked Worcestershire Sauce

  1. Look forward to seeing the final result on Sunday. Does it taste like the real thing and economical?

  2. I’ve just finished off my first batch made in September 2009, beautiful sauce – there are another two batches waiting in the wings so nicely matured. It’s so easy, tastes really good, and I haven’t bought any since making the first lot.

  3. where’s the plums? the Worcestershire sauce i get has plums in it as well & it is sooo delicious!
    this looks interesting but does it taste the same?

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