Organisation – Making it Work

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Over the past few days several things have come up that require some planning to ensure that we are in the correct place at the correct time.  This is quite complex given that we live over an hour away from the city which is where we both work and we have to consider being home for Psycho Dog or arranging for him to have a sleepover if we were to stay in the city overnight.

So, I have been busy trying to co-ordinate our travel to and from work with getting to various appointments and activities.

Tomorrow I am meeting Belle in the afternoon so that I can entertain Miss O and Izz for an hour or so while she attends to some business.  Then in the evening The Duke and I are planning to go to a public forum about the Energy Revolution in Cuba and how we can apply this information here in Australia.

On Friday evening The Duke is going to a concert and I will visit my mother.

The co-ordination continues next week as we are going to have our tax done after work one evening.

A couple of weeks later The Duke has a work function to attend but he has arranged to stay in Brisbane with a colleague that night so I will come home as normal and be here for Psycho Dog.

Sometimes we go for weeks without having any evening commitments during the week but at the moment it seems to be constant.

Like anything the key is to plan ahead and be organised.  I have made some Sausage and Pasta bake to take to work tomorrow and we will eat before we go to the forum which begins at 6pm.

This all reminds me of the days when I worked shift work and the girls were young.  It was a constant battle to make arrangements for school, kindy, daycare and extra-curricular activities with The Duke and I both working.  It was so important to develop a network of friends and other parents and you could all support each other.

What tips do you have for coping with co-ordinating the competing demands in a busy household?

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