Project 333 – Clearing the Cupboard


While this post is not strictly about Project 333, it is about decluttering my clothes so I have kept the Project 333 tag for ease of locating the post in the future. Today I decided to empty the entire contents of my wardrobe and dresser.  Here is the empty wardrobe. 2015-05-16 01The first category that I chose to scrutinise was shoes.  Here they all are. 2015-05-16 02Yes, all 21 pairs.  Now, I don’t really know how that compares with what other people have but it does seem like a lot for someone who supposedly tries to keep things to a minimum. I sorted them and these are the ones I have worn in the past week. 2015-05-16 03An additional 3 pairs in the past couple of months. 2015-05-16 04Winter footwear that has been worn in the last 12 months. 2015-05-16 05Three special-purpose ones that have not been worn in the last year but still get to stay.  In fact, while typing this I remembered that the patent heels have been worn in the past year.

2015-05-16 05

This brings the total to 18 pairs which have made the grade and will return to the wardrobe.

Here are the three pairs that are moving out.

2015-05-16 06

Black heels which I had replaced but not got rid of them.  They have not been worn since the new ones were purchased.

Red flats which are nearly 3 years old.  The heels are worn and they are not overly comfortable.

Pewter sandals which were a mistake as they are really a half-size too small.  Hopefully someone else will get a really good pair of sandals that fit them well.

I did not cull a great number of my shoes as most of them do get worn on a regular basis.  This was a useful exercise as it made me consider each pair and the value of keeping them.  I have also identified the next pairs which will go over time and I will be giving more thought to the shoes I buy in future.

Over the next week I will be sharing some of the other discoveries and decisions I made when I emptied my wardrobe.

Meanwhile, I would love to hear about your shoes – what sort?  how many?

4 thoughts on “Project 333 – Clearing the Cupboard

  1. When I saw your post I thought WOW that really is a LOT of shoes for one person. I actually think my husband has more shoes than me!

    So I went and had a look in my wardrobe and discovered that I have:
    6 pairs of boots (5 black/1 brown)
    5 pairs of sandals – all black
    7 pairs of flatish shoes of varying styles (6 black/1 black with white spots)
    Plus 2 pairs of slippers, 2 pairs of things and a pair of gumboots (at the back door)
    I also have spare shoes, boots and thongs in my car and a pair of sandals in my husbands car – for those days when out and it either gets hot or cold and I have the wrong footwear on.
    So the grand total of 27 items of footwear – now that is a problem and I think I may have to do a ‘de-clutter’ very soon!

    • The numbers can quickly mount up! I did not count the 3 pairs that live downstairs – gumboots, old sneakers and old Birkenstocks which are my winter and summer gardening shoes respectively.

  2. I’ve got quite a few pairs of shoes–but I wear all of them, and still ‘need’ another pair or two. A couple of things can be worn year-round for special purposes, like hiking shoes or dancing shoes. But most are seasonal and most have to meet the test of my being able to stand in them for hours on end (teaching or singing in choir concerts) and/or commute to work on foot (over three miles). I tend to buy one new pair of sandals every year–with last year’s pair still in reasonable condition and the year before’s pair on its last legs. Tennis shoe sorts last a bit longer so are replaced less often, but they get ‘demoted’ to gardening as they age. Last fall I replaced my 15 year old hiking boots–but even they (the old ones) are still good enough for working in the allotment.
    But let’s not talk about slippers!

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