Organising Passwords, Log-ins & User Names


I have trouble keeping track of all of the user names and passwords for all of my online activities.  These range from things as diverse as my superannuation, Facebook, event ticketing and rewards programs.

It is annoying when I can’t figure out my password for something but I was thinking the other day, what if I was to no longer want or be able to access these various sites due to death or disability?  Will they be de-activated after a period of non-use or will they always be accessible once someone has the password?  What if The Duke and both died?  Should we have a way of passing this information on to our children with our instructions for managing such a scenario?

I know this sounds quite morbid but I think they are questions I need to address.  While I am not going to put the details of what I plan to do into the public arena of the internet, I will say that I have come up with some ideas of how I am going to handle this.

I do not want anyone giving away specific information but I am interested to know if anyone has given this topic any thought or implemented any processes for their situation.

2 thoughts on “Organising Passwords, Log-ins & User Names

  1. God love the safe at the law firm that holds our wills 😉

    Bares thinking about – we’ve also thought/discussed and sorted what would happen to our son (5) if we were to pass. It’s not nice to think about, but I’ve seen the fallout for those that hadn’t…

    Good work poss :))

    Trine xx

  2. I put all mine in a word document, so that I can update or change them any time I need to. Saved on a flashdrive, which travels about with me when I am working, but can be put in the safe, too. My kids have been told where to look, whether they will remember is another question.
    Probably should copy it to another little drive and keep it in the safe. Then I would have to remember to update it regularly, but still probably easier than trying to remember all the passwords. 😉
    I am not sure what would happen if I lost it, don’t know if anyone would be able to use it.

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