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I have mentioned clove oil a couple of times in posts, particularly in regard to eliminating mould from your home.

In response to a question from African Aussie after my post about the disinfectant disaster and cleaning I have decided to put all of the information together in one post.

As people who have been following my blog posts will know, we live in an area which has high humidity and rainfall for at least 6 months of the year.  Last summer was particularly bad with our hygrometer consistently measuring the humidity in our living area at above 85% for about 5 months.  The only time I could reduce it was by running the portable dehumidifier.  It was so bad that I slipped and fell because our vinyl flooring was so wet, the sheets felt damp when we got into bed and mould grew on everything that was not constantly moving – ceiling, walls,furniture, clothes, shoes, belts and bags.

I do not generally use toxic cleaners and I had tried vinegar and even bleach and although the appearance improved the mould would be back again in next to no time.

I had heard of clove oil but was unsure of how effective it would be.  A work colleague who had similar problems had researched where to buy clove oil and found that the best option was Oil of Cloves.  Check the site for all of the information on clove oil and its mould inhibiting properties.  We bought it in 1 litre quantities and split the cost between several people.  This is a good option if you are interested because if you are having problems with mould, it is almost inevitable that your neighbours are as well.

I bought 200ml which I think will be plenty for a considerable length of time for me.  I decided that $70 was a small price to pay to see if I could get rid of the mould.  I am pleased to say it has been very effective.  I cleaned all of my shoes using the recommended dilution and the other day I took a pair of shoes from my cupboard that had not been worn for 6 months, yet there was no sign of any mould on them.  Previously any shoes that were left in the cupboard for more than a fortnight would start to be affected.

2011-08-04 03If you are serious about getting rid of the mould I would also recommend a dehumidifier and also these eggs which are excellent for small, enclosed spaces such as wardrobes and linen cupboards.  They are readily available.  Mould cannot grow in a humidity of less than 60%.

2011-08-04 04I hope this information is beneficial to you as the health risks of mould in your home make it definitely worth doing everything you can to eliminate it.

I am interested to hear other people’s experiences with clove oil, dehumidifiers and battling mould.

3 thoughts on “Clove Oil

  1. Great thread Fairy. Where do you buy Clove Oil from – Chemists?
    My DD has trouble in one room in her rented house (bedroom) and has tried many things and nothing has worked. Will get her to try this, once I find the Clove Oil.

    Thanks heaps 🙂

  2. thank you for that link – it does seem as though it would last forever if you only use a little bit. Right now I am thinking it is too much to pay, but once we get right into the thick of the wet season, I know I will change my mind. 🙂 I think I get a bit complacent without the humidity right in my face.

  3. I know what you mean about the complacency. At the moment it is hard to imagine what is was like here just a few short months ago. I know in my heart that it will be like it again before too long. I am just enjoying the dry weather while it lasts.

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