Windows – Cleaning and Curtains


When we moved into this house 6 years ago there were no curtains.  There are still no curtains.

Since we moved we have had all of the windows replaced and redecorated all of the rooms except for the bathroom.  We live on a local road in a rural area with no immediate neighbours.  The native shrubs planted on the verge provide quite a good screen and privacy is not an issue.

I have half-heartedly debated the need for curtains and until recently my laziness has won.  However, a couple of months ago I was actually contemplating getting blinds/curtains to suit the living room as well as 2 of the bedrooms and the study.  Sanity prevailed and I realised that I would be spending money on soft furnishings that would make the rooms look smaller, need maintenance and were really not required.  What was I thinking?

We have stunning views of our gardens and surrounding vegetation which are far better than the fanciest window treatments so we are going to keep the windows ‘au naturale’.

The only exception is the living room where it would be nice to draw something across the wide expanse of glass during the winter evenings.  Now I have to try to decide what is the most suitable covering.  There are floor to ceiling louvres at the end of the room as well as other louvres immediately above a low bookcase and yet more near the fireplace.  Whatever I choose needs to be simple and streamlined to stay in keeping with the style of the house and be safe near the fireplace.  I would love to hear your experiences and suggestions.

2011-11-30 01These are the louvres at the end of the living room.  It is very obvious that they definitely need cleaning which is  the only downside of no window coverings.  Today I have done the kitchen windows as well as the laundry and toilet windows.  I hope to finish the rest of the house on the weekend.

2011-11-30 02A view like this makes washing up almost fun.

2011-11-30 03I need to work out a schedule for cleaning windows and I think that I need to do the kitchen and living room every 2-3 months.  The bedroom ones can probably go a little longer.  How often do you clean your windows?  Do you do all of the windows or do you completely clean room by room?

5 thoughts on “Windows – Cleaning and Curtains

    • Thanks, Kim. The view is a very special part of where we live. It is ever-changing. Yesterday, as I sat at my desk working I could see the cloud rolling past the windows. The whole area seemed quite eerie, even in the middle of the day.

  1. I have never taken much notice of how often I do the windows – I just know it is not often enough. So, I guess the first step is to make note of when they are actually cleaned. 🙂

  2. In deciding on coverings for your louvres there are a few things to consider. I can see from the photos that in the open position the louvre blades project inwards beyond the framing of the window space and therefore beyond the face of the wall. This means curtains or blinds need to be able to be completely retracted beyond the window space and the louvres opened only when curtains are in this open position, otherwise the curtains will drag against the corners of the louvres and risk snagging. It may be possible to have tracks mounted on blocks built out from the wall to allow clearance of open louvres. In my previous home I had numerous louvres. Most were installed to project outwards beyond the framing, thus not inhibiting movement of curtains/blinds. However, one set in the kitchen projected inward, consequently I never did have any kitchen curtains!

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