Super Sunday


Since I work full-time, the weekends are when I achieve the most around the house.  Today has been no exception.  All of the backlog of ironing was done yesterday along with most of the washing so today I was able to focus on other things.

First on the agenda was the Farmers’ Markets.  We also picked up a few things at Aldi and bought some fresh Tasmanian salmon from the fish shop.  I have done a menu plan so I have meals planned for the rest of the week.

Then I got on with my sewing.  I finished the doona cover and am very happy with how it turned out.  Here are a couple of photos.

2011-03-27 01A close-up showing the reverse and also button detail.

2011-03-27 02While I was on a roll I made a drawstring bag for the pegs that I use with the indoor clothes airer.  The airer is actually a portable rotary clothesline which we bought from Kathmandu so I needed durable storage for the pegs for when we are travelling.  I found the piece of material that was an offcut from when I modified a tablecloth from a rectangular one to square.  That was years ago and the table and cloth now live at Belle’s place but the scraps live on!

2011-03-27 03I also cooked this afternoon – made lasagne which we had for dinner plus 4 serves to go in the freezer, roasted some pumpkin which is now in the slowcooker turning into pumpkin soup.  I find that roasting the pumpkin first adds extra depth of flavour to the soup.  Finally I made 2 dozen Banana & Walnut muffins, using Lauren’s famous muffin recipe.

2 thoughts on “Super Sunday

  1. Hi Fairy. Love the doona cover! Looks great. Thanks for the tip on roasting the pumpkin before making the soup. I will be making lots of pumpkin soup soon, as my butternuts are almost ready for harvesting. Due to lack of sun here this summer the flavour is not as sweet as it should be, so I hope roasting improves it.

  2. Thanks Pat. I think you will find that roasting the butternuts will help with the lack of flavour. You can brush the pumpkin pieces with a mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, too. I always do that for pumpkin as a roast vegetable or if I am roasting it to put on pizza. Can you tell that I usually have an abundance of pumpkins that grow anywhere in the yard? Ours are Jap which is my favourite. I also roasted a clove of garlic and tossed that in the soup as well.

    Happy cooking!

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