Waste Not, Want Not – False Hems and Fitted Sheets


As promised, today I am able to unveil the final photos of the doona cover and curtains.  Like so many things in life there was no firm plan to make these but they just evolved because of an email I received from someone selling pieces of fabric in order to downsize their stash.  One of the pieces was 1.9 metres of ‘Dora the Explorer’ fabric which was impossible to pass up since I knew how besotted Miss O is at the moment with everything ‘Dora’.  I had no preconceived ideas about what I would make as I was unsure of the quality of the fabric or the size of the design.  One thing led to another and I decided to make a patchwork doona cover and some curtains for her room.  I bought the plain fabric from Spotlight and also some sheeting to make the underside of the doona cover.

2011-04-02 01And here is the other window.  Miss O is very pleased with her newly-decorated bedroom.

2011-04-02 02In order to preserve every bit of fabric that I had I used some unbleached calico from my collection to make false hems on the top (for the casing) and bottom (for the hem) of each of the curtains.  This meant that there was about 80cm of fabric that I did not need to buy.

I also created a ‘new’ set of sheets each for Miss O and Izz.  There were some older single bed sheets that had come from my mother which I re-vamped.  I had one off-white fitted sheet so I paired that with a faded but OK flat sheet with a pink and green floral pattern.  I added a 15cm border of plain pink sheeting (from the backing of the doona cover) to the top edge to freshen it up.  I then made a plain pink pillowcase to complete the set.  Izz has a blue flat sheet edged with some mauve patterned fabric which I found in my stash.  There was a matching blue pillowcase so I appliqued some patches of the mauve fabric onto it and then found an off-white flat sheet which I turned into a fitted sheet by measuring the mattress, marking and making mitred corners before adding elastic.  The colours will look great with her bed that I recently re-painted.

2011-04-02 03Meanwhile, with the offcuts from the mitred corners of the fitted sheets I made 4 small serviettes.  They are lovely strong cotton and 2 of the sides were already hemmed (from being the edge of the sheet) so it was a simple matter of hemming the other 2 sides.  These will be perfect for our picnic lunch kit which we will take with us when we travel in a few weeks time.

2011-04-02 04

6 thoughts on “Waste Not, Want Not – False Hems and Fitted Sheets

  1. Dora is very popular amongst the Kindy children. You have done a fabulous job. Her bedroom looks very pretty.

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