To Market, To Market


Although I said on Friday that we were going to go to the Yandina Markets on Saturday that did not eventuate and so we decided to go the the Caboolture Markets at the showground.  We have lived in our current location for over 5 years now, yet have never been to this market.  I think I was put off by the fact that it is so large.

We looked at fruit trees and also some seedlings but ended up buying neither.  It could be a bit of a waste planting seedlings at the moment when we are going on holidays in just under 4 weeks.  So we restricted our spending to some fruit and vegetable supplies.  We spent $23 which bought a pineapple, capsicum, potatoes, zucchini, nectarines, peaches, apples, bananas, broccoli and a 10kg bag of onions.

Last year we grew some onions which was a success, however, in our climate it is difficult to allow the tops to dry off completely in order to be able to store them.  So my solution was to harvest them all (about 3kg), dice the onion and freeze in packs of 150 grams in ziplock bags.  150 grams is the weight of 1 medium/large onion.  This process was very successful so I decided that I would do it again with the bag of onions I bought (10kg for $7.50).

2011-04-03 01After peeling them, I then quartered them and diced about 6 at a time in the food processor.

2011-04-03 02Once I ran out of ziplock bags I resorted to using whatever containers I could find.  I even packed 2 quantities into one container using a piece of plastic between the layers.

2011-04-03 03Finally, it was all done and this is what 10kg of diced onion looks like.

2011-04-03 04

6 thoughts on “To Market, To Market

  1. Vicki

    I have a small upright freezer (the size of a bar fridge) as well as the freezer that is at the bottom of the fridge – it is one of those upside-down ones. I don’t buy huge quantities of meat so most of the stuff in the freezers is prepared meals and baking so that usually leaves room for things like the onions.

    I will do a post one day on exactly what is in my freezer. It would be interesting to see and get some feedback, too.

    Watch this space…………

  2. So, how are the eyes after all that? I did something similar recently, although mine was only 2k. I loved having the onions already prepared when I needed them. It is a real time saver. I only have a small upright freezer, too, but I always manage to find room in it when I need it. I will be needing to this week as I harvested the pumpkin and will be making lots of soup. About 25 kilos worth, lol. And there is as much again in the garden, not quite ready for picking.

    • Hi Debbie

      I just checked – the freezer does smell of onions but I am not overly worried. Everything else is in sealed containers so shouldn’t be a problem. When I defrost the freezer and clean it I always wipe it out with a vanilla-soaked cloth which gets rid of any lingering odour.

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